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Our History

Out of the BLM movement “Workplace Equity & Equality (WEE)” was created to normalize and support organizations in their quest for inclusion. Our belief is without in-depth understanding and celebration of cultural norms equality cannot exist. Understanding can only take place with the freedom to ask why what, and how without retribution and fear.

Together we can change...

Black professionals overall: Black professionals in 2018 held just 3.3% of all executive or senior leadership roles, which are defined as within two reporting levels of the CEO, according to the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Black CEOs: Among Fortune 500 companies, less than 1% of CEOs are black. Today there are only 4, down from a high of 6 in 2012, according to Fortune. And over the past two decades, there have only been 17 black CEOs in total. Of those, only one has been a woman — Ursula Burns, who ran Xerox from 2009 to 2016.

Our Team

We are made up of master-level corporate executive coaches, psychologists, and organizational leaders who support, coach, consult and facilitate workplace inclusion, equality and equity.